Successful Teams

Interesting Stats

Studies show that successful work groups or teams give one another 6 times more affirmations than disapproval, disagreement or sarcasm.

Least productive teams use 3 negative comments for 1 helpful word.

Based on the stats above we can see that assembling a team is only the beginning. Once that team is put together now we must become proficient in helping our team to become a cohesive and encouraging unit that is service oriented not self oriented. This is easier said than done however!

As team leaders the responsibility falls on us to teach by example the leadership traits that should follow us who are leaders. We must learn how to lead by a living example.

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What Are We All About?

Karlyn wanted to bring her coaching style to small business people because her style of coaching and training is so unique.

She focuses on practical every-day solutions to business ideas and problems. She teaches a practical “nuts and bolts” solution based processes in dealing with the problems and challenges that small business people face today.

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