Do The Work and Get The Right Results

I enjoyed my networking at the dealership yesterday. I got to meet the GM of this dealership and discovered we have a few things in common. And we discovered the Corporate Secretary of the corporation was a mutual friend. I believe this next point to be important, as the new model of dealerships would only accept ATM/Debit cards as Down Payment. The costs of using credit cards, was becoming exorbitant. Was an opportunity being laid at my feet? Did I just hear this correctly? Again the parent corporation, Sonic Motors was looking at ways to reduce credit card costs.

So today, reevaluating my behavior from yesterday, perhaps I don’t rush back to the dealership and return the vehicle, owning to my insanity. No there is a bigger mission afoot. Had I not done the homework that Karlyn asked us to complete, this might not have become clear to me. So thank you Karlyn for showing us how important “Building a Foundation” is.

Karlyn your coaching and training are incredibility needed! Thanks again.

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