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Exiting,Fun,and Proven Profits!!!

Working with Karlyn has been hands down the Smartest but yet the easiest decision that I have ever made! She took (slightly boring and complex) out of EVERYTHING! I am positive that I learn something valuable every time I hear her voice weather it be “K-tips” or webinar ect.. My entire life is becoming more FUN, Exiting, and definitely more profitable because of Karlyn. She is known as “TheBizPro” worldwide but “Lifestyle Guru” is what I call her!!! Such an AMAZING Person!
PS..If she has you on hold,DON’T HANG UP!

  1. You are lucky to even be in line
  2. Karlyn values your time and more than makes up for a couple of minutes on hold
  3. You are about to experience all that I just said….when she clicks over and says hello.
Roderick Paul Humphreys Jr
December 9, 2023

A true Wealth of knowledge!!!

Karlyn has helped me in my life in so many ways. I can always count on learning something new everytime I speak with her. Having Karlyn in your corner is grounds for success, guaranteed!
I am new to the trainings on this platform but, so far I am very satisfied. I’m looking forward to Mondays trainings.

Monica Beth Martin
July 5, 2023

Thank You!

Karlyn is one of the most inspirational coaches that you will ever be involved with. She brings joy and new life to your project. She has helped me in marketing for over 4 years! Wow time flies… Look no further than your opportunity to work with the best – Karlyn is the BEST!

Mary E Bird
June 16, 2023

What a GREAT Introduction!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Karlyn about my business goals and how stuck I am. In one phone call she helped me recognize several ways that I can approach business conversations and strategize differently. She definitely can read people well and I felt she would be a great coach for me and in my business. I am super excited to work with her! Thank you Karlyn!

Theresa Eseke
Personal Finance Blogger

Theresa Eseke
June 15, 2023

Practical Strategies for Personal and Professional Development has been on Point for Me

I believe that KARLYNS K-Tips is an incredible resource that can help anyone improve their personal and professional development. The tips provided are practical, actionable, and easy to follow, making them ideal for anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.

Through KARLYNS K-Tips, I have learned a range of valuable skills, including effective communication, time management, goal setting, and leadership. I believe that these skills are essential not only in the workplace but in all aspects of life.

By implementing the tips and strategies provided by KARLYNS K-Tips, I have been able to achieve success in my personal and professional life. The takeaways from KARLYNS K-Tips are valuable and can be applied to various aspects of my life.

Overall, I believe that KARLYNS K-Tips is an amazing resource that anyone can benefit from. The tips and strategies provided are easy to follow and can help anyone achieve their goals and live their best life.

Billye Blansett
May 1, 2023

Value far exceeds the costs

I’ve been working with Karlyn for several years now and I can truly say that her knowledge and expertise in the field of sales and marketing is second to none. Her teaching style is personal and relatable to every personality type.
She and her husband are friends and confidants, and I can’t place a value on that… I highly recommend to *anyone* that is looking for a coach, mentor and friend to get started right away!

Michael Beebe
November 7, 2022


I really appreciated and loved the training session. Wonderful information!

Amy L Koehn
June 10, 2021

So Appreciated!

Karlyn has become more than my coach . . .

She has become a sweet friend as well because of her heart, integrity and humor!

Having been a huge fan and student of Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter for years, I’ve found Karlyn’s coaching to in alliance much the same — however Karlyn helped me to dig a little deeper.

While on one of my daily accountability calls with her recently, I received a message from a prospect; that was attempting to change our overview appointment again … Karlyn helped teach me with a hands on approach how to change the outcome.

It worked immediately, turned things around And had a positive outcome…right on the spot!

The timing was all God 🙂 and with Karlyn’s coaching, providing me a wonderful hands on lesson learned immediately that I can now confidently apply in my business and in life.

Rory Williams
August 15, 2020

Keys to Success!

Vicki K

I participated in Karlyn’s “Skills to Master Network Marketing Tele-Course” and it has changed my life and how I now run my business!

Karlyn gives you all the steps and skills you need to be a success in whatever business you decide to run with. This course has helped me develop the skills I needed from how to type an email to defining my Target Market in my field. I look forward to more success in my businesses and I thank her for her time, knowledge and accountability in being apart of my journey transformation!

If you are needing a boost in your business…join her classes and receive the results you desire! Karlyn has the system in place to help you reach your business goals!

Vicki Karschner
November 8, 2019

Do The Work and Get The Right Results

I enjoyed my networking at the dealership yesterday. I got to meet the GM of this dealership and discovered we have a few things in common. And we discovered the Corporate Secretary of the corporation was a mutual friend. I believe this next point to be important, as the new model of dealerships would only accept ATM/Debit cards as Down Payment. The costs of using credit cards, was becoming exorbitant. Was an opportunity being laid at my feet? Did I just hear this correctly? Again the parent corporation, Sonic Motors was looking at ways to reduce credit card costs.

So today, reevaluating my behavior from yesterday, perhaps I don’t rush back to the dealership and return the vehicle, owning to my insanity. No there is a bigger mission afoot. Had I not done the homework that Karlyn asked us to complete, this might not have become clear to me. So thank you Karlyn for showing us how important “Building a Foundation” is.

Karlyn your coaching and training are incredibility needed! Thanks again.

Connor B Maitland
North Carolina
August 19, 2019

The Art of Helping Others!

Karlyn I wanted to share with you and the world how much I appreciate your Monday Night, CallTheBizPro.Com Coaching and Training with Karlyn sessions!

Your coaching and training sessions have a way of getting me to see things in a better light. Last night it became expressly clearer to me how important it is that I seek to help and meet the needs of my clients and customers.

Sales really is the “Art of Helping Others!” If I help my customers with their problems and I become the best solutions-pro ever, all I want in life will come my way.

CallTheBizPro.Com Coaching and Training with Karlyn is so needed today!

Thank you Karlyn for being there for all of us.

Lee M.

Lee T. Maitland
July 9, 2019

Top notch Instruction, Motivation and Accountability

I’ve been a client of and Karlyn’s coaching since June of 2016 and have greatly benefited from the coaching I have received. Karlyn has an especially effective system for teaching that rivals the big name, high cost coaching seminars and online courses. You could easily pay many times more and not receive the amazing one on one assistance that many beginners and veterans alike need to get to the next level. I highly recommend that you consider taking advantage of this excellent resource.

Robert Clark
August 6, 2018

The Spring into Action Class is an Eye-Opening Experience!

I attended Karlyn and Stephan’s live Spring into Action six week course that was sponsored by CallTheBizPro.Com .

Prior to the class beginning I was unsure of what to expect and what I would learn. However, as time went on and the course progressed the valuable lessons that Karlyn taught hit me in the heart! It was life changing. Definitely worth any amount of time no matter how long the course might be. It put a different perspective on many ideas that I had not thought of before! Thanks Karlyn and Stephan for being there for me!

Ann Briggs
July 31, 2018

This is great stuff!

Having been in Network Marketing for a number of years, a lot of the concepts and principles that Karlyn teaches, I have heard before, but she delivers them with humor, skill and a down-to-earth approach that drives them home and gives you many “aha!” moments.

It’s refreshing! She certainly has done her homework over her years of teaching, and this knowledge and experience helps YOU improve your abilities as a home based business owner immediately. She can be very entertaining too. 🙂

I got to know her teaching style and personality better in the Special 13 Club that Karlyn and Stephan created. I highly recommend anyone to get involved in one of Karlyn’s programs. You will be very glad you did and your business will grow.

Sandy Seely
July 24, 2018

How to achieve success

Karlyn and Stephan have been tremendous in their training and coaching to instill the confidence that I can achieve my objective with consistent practice . They are extremely knowledgeable about the business and how to relate with all people about your business. Their patience and persistence has enabled me to become a better person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Harold Fox
July 23, 2018

Relevant and Real

After attending many other business seminars and conferences, I was blown away by the content and personal involvement Karlyn and Stephan developed through the 6 week tele-class format I recently attended. In the comfort of my own home, Karlyn shared her vast knowledge and made each topic relevant to my business and personal development.

Karlyn’s ability to quickly share ideas during open discussions helped questions get answered and problems solved. Karlyn and Stephan tailored each week to each participant’s needs with PDFs and “homework” surveys to enable them to help meet the requirements for growth of my team.

Karlyn’s outgoing, positive and cheerful attitude demonstrates that she truly cares for each and every person who participated in the Spring into Action Class. Her one on one coaching facilitated ideas for looking at things from a successful perspective.

I can’t wait to get more “Karlyn” in my life as I sign up for membership! The future looks bright!

Sally Basnaw
July 22, 2018

I Poked at The Network Marketing Profession For Several Years…

I poked at the Network Marketing Profession for several years, spent a lot of money on programs that promise to divulge the trade secrets to success, as long as I invested hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in their programs. Some offered personal coaches that are difficult to contact and really didn’t care about me, only cared about their commissions. Some offered costly, boring webinars that by the time they’re done I wasn’t sure what was reviewed. Some offered programed courses in which I got completely lost.

I needed an understandable guide, a road map, giving me directions to my destination, success.

Then I stumbled onto CallTheBizPro.Com. Here I am given clear answers to questions by Karlyn, an experienced mentor in the industry. Questions I’ve had in all my years in network marketing are finally answered. With Karlyn, I found a someone who is willing to share ideas, celebrate victories and offer words of encouragement. She creates a safe place to voice my thoughts and feelings and get answers to questions with clear direction along the road to success.

I wholeheartedly recommend CallTheBizPro.Com to any Network Marketer, both the experienced and the inexperienced. Here you will find the road map to your success!

Grace L
July 17, 2018

Quality, Quality, Quality

I have been in the Network Marketing and direct sales industry for over 35 years. I have attended training’s and seminars by some of the best in many different industries and can honestly say that Karlyn’s depth of training, presentation, knowledge and personal commitment to giving 110% of herself to ensuring that you receive the level of training you need is matched by no other.

Her level of professionalism, and the depth of her understanding of the materials being presented is comparable to sitting under the training of the greats like: Tony Robbins, Robert Kyosoki, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn and many others.

Karlyn is passionate, caring, and truly desires to see you succeed in your business venture. Thank you Karlyn for all you do!

Garry E Melsom
July 11, 2018


Karlyn is truly a Wonderful, Loving Person. She really cares deeply about helping people change the Lives. Not only financially but All aspects of the lives. If you’ve listen in on any of the training call you can feel her love, passion and helpfulness come through in her training. Karlyn keep up the good fight. Your changing Peoples Lives Karlyn thank you!

Charles Jones
July 11, 2018

Amazing Trainer

I have been privileged to be on Karlyn’s training many times over the past 20 plus years in my career. Her training is clear, to the point, simple, meat and potatoes and on top of all that FUN. It makes you wanna go back again and again. She has helped many including myself make millions of dollars working their businesses from home. She’s not just a business woman or trainer she’s an amazing friend. Thanks Karlyn for all you have done for many. Love ya.

Roger Kaman
July 10, 2018

A Home Run Couple

I want to give a quick shout out to two servant leaders in our industry. I have been to hundreds of teaching events over my 30 year career in network marketing. I have taught in front of 10’s of thousands over that time period. Karlyn and Stephan are the best of the best in our industry.

I would trust them with any of my organizations and know that after being associated with them great success will come from their teachings. Karlyn has a unique way of reaching her audience and makes sure everyone engages to get the maximum out of their investment.

Stephan is the perfect partner and makes sure everything goes like clock-work. Together they create an experience that will help anyone with their quest for success in this industry.

Tom Hansen
July 10, 2018

If real support and help are what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place!

I’ve been involved in several MLM’s and searched for someone that would teach me the things that the winners did but didn’t share. Karlyn teaches you to excel, to stay motivated and she never gives up or becomes impatient even if she has to explain something over and over. She has taught me so much and I look forward to continuing her classes. She’s my coach and my biggest cheerleader! Thanks Karlyn, for caring and pushing me to success.

Billie Nance
July 10, 2018

Spring into Action

I thought the Spring into Action course was filled with relevant information and knowledge. Karlyn did a fantastic job getting the message and information across. Her passion and desire to get the message across shone through again and again. I am really glad I participated in this course. Thanks again Karlyn!

Martin G. Doyle
Ontario, Canada
July 10, 2018

Karlyn is the bomb!

I have know Karlyn for over 25 years now. We have worked together on many projects together and everyone of them was a real joy and eye opening experience. Her knowledge on how to build a successful home-based business is second to none. I highly recommend her courses to anyone looking to build a successful business from home. They are with out a doubt, worth there weight in gold.

David W Lewis
July 7, 2018

Karlyn’s Coaching Helped Me Immediately!

I think CallTheBizPro.Com is really great! I will have to study some more and get some practice in the lessons, but Karlyn’s instruction and coaching has really helped me immediately! Thanks Karlyn for all you do.

Jill Thomas
June 30, 2018

Karlyn is an Awesome Coach and Teacher!

Many have selected networking as a vehicle to get the time and financial freedom needed to live a more productive life. To become a great networker, one must have a great teacher, put in the time, and be results oriented. If you are looking for a great teacher, try the Karlyn “TheBizPro.” I have personally benefited from my work with her and I recommend her to you.

Cliff Anderson
June 30, 2018

Karlyn Teaches Powerful Sales Techniques…

I asked Karlyn for her coaching help over a year ago. Best decision I made! Karlyn has helped me to add simple but powerful sales techniques to my mode of operation and she has been a source of inspiration to me as well. Her training, coaching and mentoring solutions are extremely powerful. Need a coach? Call Karlyn at CallTheBizPro.Com .

Ashley Stanford-Lloyd
June 10, 2017

Thank You Karlyn

Over a year ago I contacted Karlyn and asked her if she could put me on her training roster. She shared with me that she was very busy but she would make room for me. Over the last year I have learned so much about myself and how to improve my interpersonal relationships with friends, family and potential business people. Meeting Karlyn and being trained and coached by her has been a great experience for me! If you need a lift in your business, do yourself a favor and call Karlyn at CallTheBizPro.Com
Celia Mosby
March 9, 2017

The Best Coach and Trainer I Know…

I have known coaches and trainers in my 35 plus years in the business community. Some good, real good, some okay, but Karlyn is the best coach and trainer I have ever been associated with. Her teaching style is what makes her so awesome! You can listen to one of her training’s and use it that day immediately. She takes what may seem complicated and gets it down to where everyone can grasp it and utilize it immediately! I recommend her coaching membership system to anyone who wants to challenge themselves and grow. You will NOT be disappointed.

Stephan McCarroll
January 10, 2016