Relevant and Real

After attending many other business seminars and conferences, I was blown away by the content and personal involvement Karlyn and Stephan developed through the 6 week tele-class format I recently attended. In the comfort of my own home, Karlyn shared her vast knowledge and made each topic relevant to my business and personal development.

Karlyn’s ability to quickly share ideas during open discussions helped questions get answered and problems solved. Karlyn and Stephan tailored each week to each participant’s needs with PDFs and “homework” surveys to enable them to help meet the requirements for growth of my team.

Karlyn’s outgoing, positive and cheerful attitude demonstrates that she truly cares for each and every person who participated in the Spring into Action Class. Her one on one coaching facilitated ideas for looking at things from a successful perspective.

I can’t wait to get more “Karlyn” in my life as I sign up for membership! The future looks bright!

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